The Kris Lindahl Show

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Kris Lindahl Business Consulting Services

Looking for that extra edge when it comes to marketing, sales, business development, business management or business leadership development? Kris is a nationally renowned expert in multiple areas that can help your business grow and succeed, including:

  • How to adapt your leadership style for Millennials and Gen Z
  • How to tap the power of advertising to build a personal or corporate brand
  • How real estate professionals can take a more contemporary approach to a traditional industry
  • How to find your “why” and bring a greater sense of purpose to your business

Kris Lindahl Education Services

Education is Kris’ true passion. If you’re looking for top-level coaching or motivation, Kris is an experienced speaker known for energizing and enlightening crowds of all sizes across multiple industries. Educational topics include:

  • Leadership coaching for entrepreneurs and executives
  • Motivational speaking for organizations of any kind
  • Personal development coaching for people at any stage of their career
  • Marketing expertise for the digital age
  • Making social media work for your business
  • How to bring a #BeGenerous mentality to your corporate culture

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